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Top AI Video Generators That Make You Popular on Social Media

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In the fast-moving digital world that we live in now, doing so on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook has never been tougher. There are new pieces of content uploaded every day by the millions, so getting eyes on your business demands creativity and a level of quality that you cannot let waver unless today’s attention is yesterday’s old news. Here AI-driven video generators are the key. Using Artificial intelligence, these tools can design high-quality and engaging videos more effortlessly.

No matter if you are a blogger, marketer, or a business owner having an AI video generator in your strategy can do wonders for increasing engagement on social media platforms. This article highlights some of the best AI video Makers for Social Media and how they can help you to create engaging content.

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An AI Social Media Video Generator

What Is AI Social Media Video Generator? Along the lines of text, generators are unique in that they can work with things like clips, images, and ice vids to create refined quality videos for you.

Most of them have built-in tools for creating a video, templates, effects, and more features that further simplify how users can high-quality videos from a beginner video editor level.

Advantages of employing AI video generators

1. Efficiency and Time-Saving

Time and labor-saving AI video generators. You can use ready-to-go templates and automatic editing capabilities to make clips in moments.

2. Cost-Effective

Hiring professional video editors or using fancy editing software to edit videos is costly. While these generating movies are not cheap, many AI films have free options that allow them to be utilized by individuals and small businesses.

3. Consistency and Quality

These tools create a coherent appearance for all of your videos which provides you with the brand look. The platform uses AI algorithms to create professional-grade content comparable to that of top-notch video editors.

4. Creative Freedom

AI video generators have tons of templates、video clips、friendly interfaces 、effects and options for customization whether you need a different animation or fresh formability logging into their website.

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6 Best AI Video Generators for Social Media

1. InVideo

InVideo – Non-AI social media video generator MoldeMyPic.CRUD Operations Regardless of the type (promotional, social media posts, or video ads) you need to make InVideo get your back. It is a cross-platform app for TikTok and other social media networks like Instagram, Facebook etc.


Extensive template library

AI-based Text-to-video coming

– Automated voiceovers

– Drag-and-drop interface for ease of use

2. Lumen5

If you are looking to convert your blog posts or articles into interactive videos, Lumen5 is an amazing AI-based video maker for that. Marketers can use blurb to repurpose their written content on social posts as well for both bloggers and marketers this is a pretty nifty tool.


– AI-driven content creation

– Scene selection and editing auto-pilot

– Customizable templates & themes

– Social Media Integration – Integrates with social media across multiple platforms

3. Animoto

Animoto Animoto offers a simple yet powerful way to make videos using AI. Great for making video reels, social media posts, and even video ads. There is a free version of Animoto and also paid versions which means it can fit in with whatever budget you have.


– Wide range of templates

– Drag-and-drop functionality

– Licensed Music Library

– Featuring customizable text and effects

4. Magisto

Magisto generates professional-looking videos for you based on its complex AI algorithms that analyze your footage. Perfect for social media content that you need to create quickly and do not have hours in editing.


– AI-powered video editing

– Smart video templates

– Extensive media library

– Custom branding options

5. Pictory

Pictory Uses AI to Automatically Generate Cool Videos for TikTok And Other Social Networks You can produce short, engaging videos by turning your long-form content into video. That ranges from Pictory, an AI-assisted platform for identifying key moments in your videos and assembling a narrative from them.


AI-based video summarization

Automated captioning

High-resolution video templates

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Free AI TikTok Video Generators

1. Kapwing

Kapwing has a great free AI TikTok video generator you can use to make super simple, engaging videos. The feature-rich user interface and ease of use have made it one of the most used services among content creators.


– Free to use with a watermark

– AI-powered video editing

End-to-end collaborative editing

– Lots of templates and effects to choose from

 2. Canva

Canva is best known for its graphic design features, but it also includes a robust AI-generated video editor. Free Feature – A variety of video templatesThe reason why Canva is one of the best options for TikTok creators?


Free plan (access to video templates)

Video editing tools that are user-friendly

Customizable animations & transitions

Social media integration

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Use of AI Video Generators to Win on Social Media

1. Plan Your Content

When considering video production, cart out your content strategy. Target Audience Key Messages Videos That Work With the Target audience in mind, key messages and types of videos you will resonate with

2. Choose the Right Tool

Choose any AI video generator as per your requirements and budget. Features, Ease of use, and Ought to support the social media platforms you prefer.

3. Leverage Templates

Capitalizing on these pre-designed templates to stay consistent and save time. Update these templates according to your brand style and message.

4. Optimize for Each Platform

As such, different social media platforms also have their respective video requirements and audience base. Resize Aspect Ratio Length Style Optimize videos individually for each platform.

5. Engage with Your Audience


FancyTech leverages cutting-edge AI video generators to revolutionize social media marketing. By offering advanced 3D and image solutions, FancyTech enables brands to create captivating and lifelike visuals effortlessly. This innovative platform combines technical prowess with content expertise, ensuring every creation resonates with the audience.

With a focus on seamless content creation and proven results, FancyTech helps brands produce high-quality, engaging materials that enhance their online presence and drive social media success. For more details, visit FancyTech.

Create video content and make ai text to video with AI video generators and video creators engage with your audience via polls, Q&A sessions, and user-generated content.

Including AI video generators in your social media strategy will add a serious boost to the content creation process. They all do it efficiently, cheaply, and with full creative freedom for you to make great videos that will get people watching.

No matter if you are an experienced content creator or a beginner it could fit your Social Media presence and help to reach the point of being viral on social media. So, have a look at the choices presented further in this article and get started on crafting funny powered-by AI videos.

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